My Birthday

I am so happy. I am finally in the double digits but also I am growing up to be a kind young lady with manners!  I had a birthday party with my bestie and I feel so greatful having as well as I do. She was always by my side. We went rock climbing together but her brother Jayden is a spider monkey. He climbs like a monkey. He climbed every single wall and managed to make it to the top of all of them! I only got to the top of 5. He has the feet and the grip I guess. It was the awesomest time of my life. I am finally 10. YAY!!!


Once I was 1 but now I am 10. There is a 10 year difference between these 2 numbers. I turn ten on the 31st of July. I am excited for this change to come around because I am another step closer in life! Things will always have a change in them just how i’m fixing to turn ten is a year older change. The only thing that won’t change in life is the way I learn to love a step forward in growing up.



Hiding In Your Shell

Sometimes people hide things that there scarred of saying.  Sometimes we can’t always hide things. Even though you want to hide it you may need the support  from the people that love and trust you. Trying to hide something like a secret that can be harmful to another. You can’t always hide in the shell so come on out and say what you’ve been hiding.


Have you ever wondered how music is more than just singing or playing an instrument??

I have. Music is sorta my thing. I don’t know why but ever since I was five I’ve been singing and playing instruments. I love how it brings people joy and laughter. It sometimes even makes our emotions change from sad to happy or happy to sad. I play the guitar and drums plus I am a humongous fan of singing. Music is one thing I can’t live without !!!!  If anyone likes music please  do a comment and we can chat!!!


Some people make fashion mistakes and its ok. Some people care what others people have to say about what their wearing. I personally don’t care what people think. I like to be me. I’m not scarred of what they think. I am me and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. My clothes are not fancy. My opinion is that my clothes are unique!! So don’t care what others have to say about you. Just be you. Be creative and have fun with what your wearing.


Leah MacLean


Natures poem

She lost herself in the trees among the ever changing leaves.

She swept beneath the wild sky as stars told stories of ancient times.

The flowers grew towards the light, the river called her name at night.

She could not live an ordinary life, with the mysteries of the universe hidden in her eyes.


this poem is by: Christy Ann Martine

my pages

I have many pages in my book. I’ll have a long life to live. We all have something to adventure. Take that chance and use it. It may be a great chance. Growing up is one thing but not taking the chance is another.Some things in our life will want us to adventure. Take it. I may only be 9 years old but I know to take that one amazing chance and use it!!!

(: (:



music is my life

If music wasn’t real I think I would die. Music is one thing that makes me so happy. It expresses who the writer is. Sometimes music makes us happy or sad and it makes us have feelings. Country, hip hop, rock, jazz, original, punk. All of those are types of music that makes us feel things. The rhythm and tone is unique.