others besides animals

I’m also a music lover and will be switching some blogs up with music! So beaware….


opening up

Many people know what it feels like to be scarred. Well when it comes to nature and many living creatures we open our selves up. So maybe some animals are scary or different but we all have a heart including them. I write this out of heart and mostly mind ,but I now know to open up and be you! Thanks to animals I don’t  freeze or be the shy girl anymore.  I opened up.

When I’m Older ….

I have read many books on animals and when i’m older i’m planning on being a vet. Like I say i’m an animal lover!!! I just can’t wait! I’m only nine but I have a lot of hope in faith!.

the pick

I’m gonna give you a few tips to how to pick out a perfect pet!

Start by finding an animal you like

Next find a animal store like Pet Smart to get your animal

But don’t forget the pricing of the animal

After go to the store and get your pet plus the items it will need to survive

Than take the lovely animal home and give it love and care!!

(: (:

the animals

I am an animal lover! I own 7 pets. All are very kind and sweet.  My family is growing with animals. I cant resist not to pet a dog or a loving creature such as a lizard or a bunny. I have always wanted to have a barn and name it the friendly barn where  the community can come and see the amazing animals! I have a cat, dog, 3 tetras, 1 snail, and 1 guineapig.  I think i have a thing for these amazing creatures!